Morris County Boys Basketball Team Profiles


These are profiles of the Morris County boys basketball teams for this season. The heights and weights are approximate.

Boonton Bombers

Coach: Jim Catalano, third season.

Returning letterwinners: Jr. F Joe McCabe (6-2, 170), So. F Joe D’Avanzo (6-1, 175), So. G Sam Asani (5-8, 150).

Promising newcomers: So. G John Lee (5-8, 150), So. G Mike Walker (6-1, 165), So. G Ali Chaudhry (5-11, 165).

2011-12 finish: 1-21.

Outlook: The Bombers are on the right track but it will take time to rebuild the program. They are young in experience and small in size. However, they seem to be catching on and their growth may not be measured in wins as much improvement in concepts and general competitiveness.


Butler Bulldogs

Coach: Brandon Mefford, first season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. C Billy White (6-6, 200), Sr. G Jason Delattiboudere (5-10, 165), Sr. G/F Eric Mullin (6-0, 160), Sr. G Chris Heredia (5-11, 170), Jr. G Nick Ballistreri (5-9, 140), Jr. F Kevin Fitzpatrick (6-1 170).

Promising newcomers: Jr. F Ryan Mack (6-3, 200), Jr. F/C Glenn Reger (6-1 180), Jr. F/C Ryan McInereney (6-4 160), Jr. G Kevork Apkarian (5-6 160), Jr. F Brenner Krone (6-1 160).

2011-12 finish 9-14.

Outlook: An injury to top scorer James Spadaccini sabotaged last season after a good start. New coach Mefford, the Bulldogs assistant last year, doesn’t have the offensive firepower this season. They will have to build on defense and rebounding. They have the size to do that. Billy White’s long arms can block shots and connect in the paint. Ballistreri gained valuable varsity experience last year. The belief is by the end of the season the Bulldogs could pose some surprises.

Chatham Cougars

Coach: Todd Ervin, 22nd  season.

Returning Letterwinners: Sr. F Joe Timmes (6-4, 195), Sr. G Drew Ballard (5-10, 170), Sr. G Sam Carson (6-1,180), Sr. F Garrett McAuliffe (6-4, 210), Sr. F Scott Baker (6-2, 170), Sr. G Daniel McGinley (5-11, 170), Jr. G Luke Conrad (5-11, 165), Jr. G Robert Raiola (5-10, 170).

Promising Newcomers: Sr. F Brian Oliver (6-3, 180), Jr. F Danny Winschuh (6-2, 190), Jr. F Max Brown (6-2, 180), Jr. F Logan Loeloff (6-3, 210), So. G Graham Delaney (5-10, 160).

2011-12 finish: 24-5, Morris County Tournament Champions.

Outlook: The Cougars captured the Morris County Tournament title in the final seconds on a dramatic basket by Jonathan Berntsen. The Cougars will miss Berntsen’s 18 points a game and fantastic leadership. A rash of injuries last year (Carson, McAuliffe etc.) provided unexpected benefits as Conrad and Raiola earned valuable playing time and put in clutch performances as sophomores. The Cougars will always be in the game by playing rock hard man-to-man defense. It’s the offense that poses some concern. Joe Timmes averaged 11 ppg., and has good range.

Delbarton Green Wave

Coach: Dan Whalen.

Returning Letterwinners: Sr. G-F Ryan Curran (6-5,200), Sr. F Rob Thoma (6-4, 250), Sr. F Adam Schreck (6-1,190), Sr. G Billy Carroll (5-10, 175), Sr. G Van Johnson (5-10,175), Sr. G Asad Braswell (5-10,175).

Promising newcomers: Jr. G Nick Hamilton (6-1), Jr. G Giuseppe Bourgia (5-10).

2011-12 finish: 7-16.

Outlook: The Green Wave is due for a comeback. They may be off to a slow start since some of the players were also involved in the football finals. It’s obvious though that players like Curran and Thoma have gained a lot of varsity experience over the last two seasons. Schreck, Johnson and Carroll have also gained lots of playing time so the nucleus is there.

Dover Tigers

Coach: John O’Hara.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Joseph Lopez (5-8), Sr. F Joseph Enchautequi (6-0), Jr. C David Bollok (7-1), Jr. G James Quiles (5-8), Jr. F Ryan Charyshyn (6-0).

Promising newcomers: Fr. G Dwayne Brown (5-7), So. Wilson Guapacha (5-8), Sr. G Theo Smith (5-10).

2011-12 finish: 5-20.

Outlook: Despite their seven-foot center, the Tigers don’t seem to have much size. Bollok may be the tallest player in the area since the days of Troy Murphy. Lopez is the lone returnee as a starter and is the most experienced varsity player on a team coming off a 5-win season. However, the Tigers are due for a resurgence. Dover hasn’t had a double-digit win team in more than a decade.

Hanover Park Hornets

Coach: Todd Hartman, ninth season,

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Brendan Rudolph (5-10, 150), Sr. F Matt Williams (6-3,180), Sr. C Nick Marucci (6-5,230), Sr. G Jaquill Scott (6-0,190), Jr. G/F Matt Geisser (6-3,160), Jr. F Max Reynolds (6-3,165), Jr. G Nick Burbella (5-10,195), Jr. F Tom Vadakkedam (6-3,200), Jr. C Kevin Healy (6-4,170), Jr. PG Emmett Simmons (5-10,165).

Promising newcomers: So. G Chris Jaramillo (6-0,175), So. F Brad Daugherty (6-0,165), Sr. G Billy Bermingham (6-1,165), Sr. G C.J. Watson (5-10,150), Fr. G John Crown (5-10,150), Jr. F Rob Orangeo (6-0,155).

2011-12 finish: 14-9.

Outlook: The loss of Jimmy Sivolella, who averaged 18 points and is a tremendous leader, would devastate most teams. No doubt the Hornets will miss him but they have enough players with the ability to overcome it. Guards Brendan Rudolph and Nick Burbella will pick up the pace. Scott has also showed signs of lifting his game. There are options up front too. Williams, Marucci, Geisser and Reynolds all bring something to the table. The hive may truly be alive this year.

Jefferson Falcons

Coach Joe DiGennaro, 16th season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. F Kevin Silverstein (6-4), Jr. F J.R. Reese (6-2), Jr. G Bryan Langan (6-0), Sr. F Vinnie Ginefra (6-1), Sr. F Jeremy Decotiis (5-10), Sr. F Danny Brown (6-2), Sr. F Trevor Thompson (6-1).

Promising newcomers: Jr. F Tyler Jones (6-2), Sr. G Kyle Norz, Jr. G Chris Telman (5-8), Sr. G Gabe Soto (5-11), Sr. F Tyler Depko (6-4), Sr. F Joe Sauikie (6-3), Sr. G Christian Curatolo (6-0).

2011-12 finish: 15-9, NJAC Freedom Division Co-Champion.

Outlook: The Falcons finished co-champions in the Freedom Division. They will have to rebuild with 10 seniors graduating off of last year’s roster including leading scorers Andrew Hall and Jon Kristofferson. Ginefra, Langan and Silverstein are key returnees. Reese, the school’s football quarterback who did not play varsity last year, lends athleticism and quickness to the mix.

Kinnelon Colts

Coach: Sean Rivers, eighth season.

Returning lettermen: Sr. G Sean Robbins (6-1,180), Sr. C R. J. Giannetti (6-3,200), Sr. G Evan Argirou (5-5, 145), Sr. G Sean Walsh (5-10,170), Sr. G Tom Rago (5-11, 160).

Promising newcomers: Sr. G Jarad Brown (6-3,190), So. F Eric Hausser (6-2,175), Jr. G Evan Lutz (6-1,165), Jr. F Alex Bobinski (6-3,185), So. F Connor Chuicholo (6-2,160).

2011-2012 finish: 12-14.

Outlook: The Colts have a strong core coming back, Robbins (13 ppg, 8 rpg.,) and Giannetti (10 ppg, 11.5 rpg.) have savvy and experience. Robbins is edging toward the 1,000 point mark. Giannetti was among the state leaders in rebounds (he set a school record with 25 in one game) when injury derailed his season as well as the Colts. It may take awhile for Kinnelon to get going since Robbins, Walsh and Argirou are coming off a triumphant state tournament champion football season and will need time to get into basketball shape.

17 wpk

                                      Kinnelon’s R. J. Giannetti (Photo by Mark Kitchin)

Madison Dodgers

Coach: Michael Radzieski, first year.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. F Sean Haughey (6-3, 200), Sr. F Devin Koep (6-0, 210).

Promising newcomers:Jr. G Darnell St. Germaine (5’10, 180), Jr. F Gavin Wallace (6-1, 175), Jr. G Christian Scarpello (5-10, 175), Jr. F/C Jaywon Brown (6-2, 250), Jr. F Terry Brennen (6-3, 180), Fr. G Tim Azzolini (5-10, 175).

2011-12 finish, 20-5.

Outlook: Big changes for the Dodgers. Madison took on plenty of graduation losses as well as guard Justin Goodwin who opted to focus on football instead of basketball. Last year’s coach Bill Librera is now the athletic director at Chatham High. New coach Radzieski has a quality background and coached at Randolph High last year. Madison will focus on defense and build around Haughey, who averaged nine points and four rebounds, and Koep who made his contributions off the bench last season.

Mendham Minutemen

Coach: Kevin Schmid, first year.

Returning lettermen:Sr. F Will Gibbs (6-5, 205), Sr. G Bobby Stolz (5-10,150), Sr. G TK Hayes (6-2,180), Sr. C Kal Roemer (6-4,205), Jr. G Alex Jacobs  (6-2,180).

Promising newcomers: Jr. F Austin Marconi (6-2,185), Jr. G Joe Lamberto (5-8,150), Jr. G Nick D’Elia (5-10,140), Jr. F Mike Sinzer (6-1,170), Jr. C Peter Butkus (6-3,210), Jr. G Jack Horan (6-0,170), Jr. G Dan Shea (5-8,140), Jr. G Joe Benneducci (5-8,185), Jr. F Anthony Marconi (6-2,185).

2011-2012 finish: 20-6, North II, Group III sectional finalists, NJAC National Division Tri-Champion.

Outlook: Succeeding Jim Baglin will be difficult but Schmid has coached varsity before with stints at Morris Catholic and Parsippany High. He has been at the school as an assistant for the last six years and he is comfortable in his surroundings and knows his personnel. Don’t expect too many changes in the way the Minutemen conduct business but Schmid will eventually put his twist on things. Mendham will miss Drew Jacobs (22 ppg., 4 apg.) but his younger brother Alex can do some of the things his older brother can do. If he can stay out of foul trouble, Will Gibbs (8 rpg.) is a valuable player around the basket on both offense and defense. Stolz, Hayes and Roemer all saw limited time last year and are parts of the Mendham puzzle.

Montville Mustangs

Coach: Bill Medina, third season.

Returning Lettermen: Jr. G Jesse Warech (6-3, 185), Jr. G Tyler Storch (5-10, 165), Sr. F Danny Weiss (6-6, 225), Sr. F Rob Heller (5-10, 160).

Promising newcomers: Sr. G Mike Korn (5-11, 185), Sr. F Jonah Ferro (6-3, 205),

Jr. G Tyler Benson (5-10, 150), Jr. G Michael Biase (5-11, 180), Jr. G JJ Brania-Hopp  (6-0, 180), So. F Erik Werheim (6-6, 190), So. G Jacob Kaplan (5-11, 190).

2011-2012 finish-12-12.

Outlook: The Mustangs lost four starters to graduation but have some pieces back. Weiss has size and contributes rebounds and points in the paint. Warech missed half of last season to injury but seemed to come on near the end. Developing team chemistry and building upon last year’s efforts seems to be the Montville mantra this year.

Morris Catholic Crusaders

Coach: Dave Grande, second season.

Returning letterwinners: So. G Brian Aji , Sr. F Matt Bogdan, Sr. F Kevin Cannavina, Sr. F CJ Drury, Jr. F Ryan Feeney, Sr. G Dan McLaughlin, Sr. G Tim Olenowski, Jr. F Andre Spruell, Sr. G Ryan Tiefenbacher, So. G  Zach Williams.

Promising newcomers: So. G Jay Flaherty, So. G Justin Johannsessen, Fr. F Nick Mills, Fr. F Sean Mollahan.

2011-12 finish: 6-20.

Outlook: The Crusaders are upbeat and enthusiastic this year as they try and rebuild the program which has struggled the last few seasons. Morris Catholic is small and inexperienced but they can gain momentum on the efforts of Drury (6.2 rpg.) and Spruell, who is considered a top notch defender. Expect the Crusaders to put a lot of their players on the floor and push the tempo.

Morris County School of Technology Devils

Coach: Mike McClain, second season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. PG Jackie King (6-0), Sr. G David Chaplin (5-9), Jr. C Kirill Ivanov (6-5), Jr. F Taner Doganay  (6- 2), Jr. G Richard Manlapig (5-8).

Promising newcomers: Fr. G Jason Gobind (5-7), Jr. C William Campbell (6-4).

2011-12 finish: 7-14.

Outlook: The Devils have some size with Ivanov and Campbell on the floor. The experience of Jackie King should also help as they endeavor to vault over the .500 mark.

Morris Hills Scarlet Knights

Coach: Andrew Maclay, third season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Brian Walls, Sr. Eric Schrader, Sr. Matt Szkola, Sr. Rob Sihlanick, Sr. Quincy Jules, So. Matt Toohey.

Promising newcomers: So. Jayson O’Shea, Jr. Matt Walls, Sr. Dillon Washington.

2011-12 finish: 10-16.

Outlook: The Scarlet Knights have the pieces needed to get up over the .500 mark. Brian Walls, 11 ppg., has experience and energy. Matt Szkola (37 threes) is a serious perimeter threat. Schrader and Sihlanick are good athletes and Washington, if he is healthy, can give Morris Hills another solid threat.

Morris Knolls Golden Eagles

Coach: Ken Ferrare, seventh season.

Returning lettermen: Sr. G Aaron Arizmendi, Jr. G Carrol Rich, Sr. F Rob McCormick,  Jr. F Hugo Jimenez, Sr. F Connor Flaherty, Sr. C Mike Signer, Sr. C Nevin Perkins, Sr. G Mike Boller, Sr. F Josh Boylan, Sr. G Brian O’ Neill, Sr. C Chris Stark.

Promising newcomers: So. G Willy Pauls, Jr. G Lester Bernadez, So. G Ryan Bornerman.

2011-12 finish:  20-7, NJAC National Division Tri-Champion, MCT semifinalist.

Outlook: Morris Knolls graduated 66 percent of total points scored between Esaun Mobley, Kevin Miller and Niko Kotoulas.  The trio was basically four-year starters and brought the Golden Eagles their best season in decades. The Golden Eagles will move the ball around this year. Arizmendi, Rich, O’Neill and Stark were important contributors in last year’s season. Now they will have to step up and play major roles if Morris Knolls is going to renew that success.

Morristown Colonials

Coach: Bill Connolly, second season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Ryan Brunnock (6-0), Sr. F David Smith, (6-2), Sr. F Naeem Pierce 6-2, Jr. F Zach Certner (6-3), Jr. G Sean Hoehn (6-2), Jr. G James Mongey (6-0), Jr.G A. J. Tracey (5-10).

Promising newcomers: Jr. G Eric Demnitz (5-10), Jr. F Nick Duff (6-1). Jr. G Drew Hahn (5-11), Jr. G Matt Strambi (5-11).

2011-12 finish: 9-15.

Outlook: The Colonials show signs of being fun to watch. They like to play quick and use their athleticism. Hoehn gets better and better running things on the floor. Brunnock has good offensive skills. If defense and transition improves, the Colonials can make strides this year.

Morristown-Beard Crimson

Coach: Eddie Franz, 22nd season.

Returning letterwinners: Jr. G Ben O’Connell (5-9, 150), Sr. C Justin Stiles (6-5, 180), Sr. G Malik Valentine (5-5, 170).

Promising newcomers: Jr. G Brandon Babb (5-9,160), Jr. F Mark Aboyoun (6-3,200), So. F Chris Pooler (6-2,165), Jr. F Stephen Sangree (6-2,165).

2011-12 finish: 22-5.

Outlook: Graduation losses and the transfer of Chris Jenkins will make it difficult for the Crimson to approach last year’s success. O’Connell and Valentine gained experience last year and the Crimson should be a coachable group.

Mount Olive Marauders

Coach: Kevin Moore, third season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Steve Leonardo (6-1,160), Jr. C Zach Heeman (6-8, 260), Jr. G Rashaan Spencer (5-10,170), Jr. F Ryan Traub (6-7, 220).

Promising newcomers: Sr. G Bruce Stenson (5-9, 175), Sr. F Todd Mabry (6-1, 165), Sr.G Shaq Salaam (5-11, 155), So. G Anthony Verrone (5-9, 160), So. F Bobby Corpion (6-3, 175), So. G Chris Grillo (5-11, 165), Sr. F Zachary Mears (6-0, 165), Jr. G Griffin Conway (5-9, 155), Fr. G Jason Drury (6-0, 165).

2011-12 finish: 20-6, NJAC American Co-Champ, MCT finalist.

Outlook: The Marauders will still be fast-paced but will not be as dedicated to last year’s frenetic style. Keeping Heeman on the floor is important. He averaged 19 points and 12 rebounds despite swapping with Traub every few minutes in the Grinnell System. He is a tough matchup for most Morris County teams. Spencer will handle the point and is great on the drive. Mabry is a transfer from Texas. Look for a talented sophomore class to get quality minutes as the season progresses.

26 bbmemo

          Mendham’s Alex Jacobs and Mount Olive’s Rashann Spencer. (Photo by Mark Kitchin)

Mountain Lakes Lakers

Coach: John ByDook, eighth season.

Returning Letterwinners: Sr. F Paul Tarnawski (6-4, 210), Sr. G/F Chris Herring (6-0,190), Sr. G Pierce Langlois (5-10, 170), Sr. F Sam Walsh (6-0,190), Jr. G Christian Cuccinello (6-1,195).

Promising newcomers: Sr. F Rameez Khizer (6-2,170), Sr. F Mat Soule (6-3,165), Sr. F Alec Wentworth (5-10,165), Jr. F Andrew Letsch (6-1,165), Jr. G/F Matt Reese (5-11,155), Jr. G Chris Sammarro (5-11,170), Jr. G Luke St. Lifer (5-6,150), Jr. F Jason Wolpov (6-2,170), So. F Dillon Myler (6-5,185).

2011-12 finish: 20-7, North 1, Group II state tournament finalist.

Outlook: The Lakers graduated nine seniors from last year and will sorely miss Ethan Lubowitz (21 ppg., 9 rpg.) but they have a quality squad returning. Tarnawski has a nice scoring touch on the inside and Herring is a dangerous perimeter shooter, who is capable of knocking them down in bunches if left open. It might take awhile to get them going since several of the players will be jumping from football into the basketball season.

Parsippany Red Hawks

Coach: Byron Hamby, second season.

Returning letterwinners: Jr. G Leonard Lee (6-1,180), Jr. F Lionel Chambers (6-3,170), Jr. F Tyler Cecere (6-3,170), Sr. G Max Berns (6-1,170), Sr. G Tony Lonero (5-10, 160), Sr. G Sagar Patel (5-11,160).

Promising newcomers: Jr. F Doug Finkle (6-2,180), So. F Hayden Cerrato (6-3,160).

2011-12 finish: 5-19

Outlook: Hamby was a late hire last year and just learning the names of his players going into the season. This season the Red Hawks are more organized and Hamby has a better handle on the team’s varsity opponents. Parsippany has some talent to work with as Lee and Chambers are maturing as players. The Red Hawks are showing signs of becoming a solid defensive unit. If they can develop a better offensive game, the team can move forward and approach the .500 mark.

Parsippany Hills Vikings

Coach: Mark Gibson, fifth season.

Returning lettermen: Sr. G Manuel Dance (6-1), Sr. F Mike DiEdwardo (6-3), Sr. F Paul Walek (6-3), Sr. G Kire Milevski (5-10), Sr. Connor Clark (6-3).

Promising newcomers: Jr. G Raj Patel (5-10), So. G A.J. Nangenderan (6-0).

2011-12 finish: 4-19.

Outlook: Vikings are returning a veteran core that saw varsity time as sophomores. This season they will lean heavily on that experience especially on the defensive end. Clark and Walek are bookends that patrol the paint. Milevski, Dance, and DiEdwardo will lead the charge offensively with their speed in transition and ability to attack the basket in a half court set.

Pequannock Golden Panthers

Coach: Jeff DeBell, seventh season.

Returning lettermen: Sr. G Nick LaPorta, Jr. F Kevin Glynn, Sr. C Kurt Weinmann, Jr. G Mike Happe, Sr. G Danny Ryan, Sr. G Mike Leva, Sr. C Brandon Warner.

Promising newcomer: So. C Ian Campbell.

2011-12 finish: 10-13

Outlook: The Golden Panthers have the makings of the winner. Their only returning starter is point guard Nick LaPorta. They also have size to work with, Glynn Weinmann and sophomore Ian Campbell are 6-4 or taller. Guards Happe and Leva also gained some varsity experience last year. If they use their size to advantage, it could be a good year.

Randolph Rams

Coach: Bill Kilduff, 9th season.

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Ryan Harris, (6-1, 170), Jr. G Michael Talbert (6-2, 175),

Sr. F Aaron Harris (6-1, 195), Jr. F Patrick Archer (6-5, 225), Jr. G Ryan Mahoney (6-2, 185), Jr. C Chris Woodbury (6-3, 230), Jr. C Greg Moserowitz (6-3, 225), Sr. G Jarren Taylor (6-1, 170).

Promising newcomers: Sr. F Thayer Wallace (6-3, 175), Sr. C Anthony Lauria (6-3, 235), Jr. F Ben Izaguirre (6-3, 225), Sr. F Josh Sharp (6-0, 175), So. G Aiden Navarane (5-7, 145), Jr. G Aaron Duncan (5-9, 140).

2011-12 finish, 19-9 NJAC National Division Tri-Champion, MCT semifinalist.

Outlook: Randolph lost a lot including the state’s top scorer Julian Aiken and the team’s leading rebounder Connor McMahon. However, the Rams should be one of the top teams in the county due to an increase in team speed and depth in several positions which means healthy competition throughout the season. Randolph is hoping to defend aggressively and push the tempo when it has the ball.  Led by returning starters Ryan and Aaron Harris, and Patrick Archer (5.7 rpg.), the Rams will try to equal last year’s record. Ryan Harris (13.7 ppg.) will have more opportunities to show what he can do on offense. Aaron Harris is a lock down defender and a help on the boards. Mike Talbert moves into the starting back court and Ryan Mahoney and Jarren Taylor will also share time. The Rams are also excited to have track standout Thayer Wallace back on the team after a season’s absence.

24 bbmbra

                                Randolph’s Ryan Harris. (Photo by Mark Kitchin)

Roxbury Gaels

Coach: Jon Deeb, 11th season

Returning letterwinners: Sr. G Ryan Kelley (6-0, 160), Sr. G Malcolm Chavis (6-1,165), Jr. F Doug Alexander (6-3,180)

Promising newcomers: Jr. G Timmy Pilrun (6-0,160), So. G Mike Przitulsky (6-0,160)

2011-12 finish: 8-15

Outlook: The Gaels have the benefit of one of the better point guards in the area. Ryan Kelley has been running the Roxbury offense since parts of his sophomore year. Last year, he averaged 16 points a game and was the team’s prime playmaker. The growth of shooting guard Malcolm Chavis and rebounder Doug Alexander will help to put the Gaels in the win column on a more consistent basis.

West Morris Highlanders

Coach: Wayne Shapiro, 11th season

Returning letterwinners: Sr. F/G Pat Barron, (6-1,170), Sr. F Adam Melrae (6-2, 175), Jr. C Sam McClellan (6-6, 185), Jr. G Pat Anderson (5-8, 160), Sr. G Will Anderson (5-8, 165).

Promising newcomers: So. G Conor Barron, (5-11, 160), So. PG Sean McElwaine (5-8, 150), Jr. F Dan Moylan (6-3, 175)

2011-12 finish: 6-19.

Outlook: The Highlanders are ready for a bounce back year. They will rally around top scorer Pat Barron (16 ppg.) and Sam McClellan (11 ppg., 7 rpg.).  Sophomores Conor Barron and Sean McElwaine have been pleasant surprises.

Whippany Park Wildcats

Coach: Jeff Kleinbaum, 10th season

Returning Letterwinners: Sr. F A. J. Holleran (6-1,185), Sr. C Jake Waddon (6-4,190), Sr. G Ricky Tango (5-11,170), Sr. F Ken Jones (6-3,190), Sr. Joseph Simone, Jr. G Michael Caparella (5-10,170), Jr. G Tom Michalski (5-10,175), Jr. F Ryan McArdle (6-3,180), Jr. Nick Caparella (6-1,155), Jr. F Ryan Cahill (6-3,180), Jr. G Tyler Passero (5-9,155).

Promising newcomers: Fr. Mark Basista (6-1,175), Fr. G Ryan Gaynor (5-10,140).

2011-12 finish: 17-7.

Outlook: Wildcats are anticipating a great year. Much is expected from Holleran and Waddon who provide scoring opportunities for each other and the rest of the team. Jones is a rugged rebounder and good scorer up close. Tango is valuable in the backcourt. Whippany Park also has some bench depth. It’s their intention to contend for titles this year.


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